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Thread: Opening child forms from a child form

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    Opening child forms from a child form

    I am a newbie so bare with me! I created an MDI app with my frmParent as the MDI form and several child forms. When the frmParent loads it opens my frmMain which is a splash screen that has 3 buttons on it that are suppose to open other child forms within the MDI form. This is to make it easier for the user to navigate to whichever form they need to get to if they don't want to use the menu options.

    For the button click on the frmMain I have it set to close itself and open the corresponding form as shown below:

    Public Sub btnProduct_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnProduct.Click
    Dim child As New frmProducts

    End Sub

    However, it opens frmClothing but not as a child form to frmParent. It opens as a floating window. What am I doing wrong? I have tried to figure out the parent property, setting the frmParent as Active, setting the frmClothing.MDIParent = frmParent and I cannot get this work.

    Please help!

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    Set ad design time

    frmClothing.MDIChild = True


    BTW this is a VB 'classic' forum, not .NET

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    Sorry about posting my question in the wrong forum......

    Could you elaborate on:

    Set ad design time frmClothing.MDIChild = True

    The only functions available for forms in .NET are MDIChildren and MDIParent.

    When I set the form to MDIChildren it says this is a read-only property and does not allow me to set a value.

    Any ideas?

    THanks for your help!

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