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Thread: Wireless Mobile Networks

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    Wireless Mobile Networks

    i need to investigate some solutions for a true mobile wireless networks and im looking for anyones input.

    the situation is as follows, i need to design a network that will supporting IP traffic on a public bus transport system. wireless terminals on each bus will communicate through a router onboard each bus (ie each bus is a mobile wireless lan) at the bus depot there is a gateway for internet and telephony. the range of each lan on each bus is limited to no more than 3km and there is no more than 10 busses within the network.

    what are some considerations for the planning, design and architecture of such a network?


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    Security should be a consideration -- this is still the most vulnerable part in any wireless protocol, so even if you're not dealing with sensitive data, you don't want eavesdropping or leeching.
    Bandwidth is the second issue to look at. Try to compute how much bandwidth you need for each terminal on average. Add to it about 50% to get the total amount needed. Then you can start looking at practical solutions and costs.
    There are of course other issues of concern but these should get you started.
    Danny Kalev

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