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Thread: .NET CF Icons

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    May 2004

    .NET CF Icons

    I've got an application that utilizes a custom icon for the Programs group and the Recently Run items. When I use 32x32x16, the icon appears properly in the Programs group but incorrectly in the Recently Run items. When I use 16x16x16, the icon appears correctly in the Recently Run items but incorrectly in the Programs group.

    My question is, how can I specify two different icons (I have seen this done with other PocketPc applications) or how can I correct this problem?

    As an aside, I tried this with icons included with Visual Studio (rocket.ico, specifically). I did not have this problem with the rocket.ico file which is formatted as 32x32x16. That would lead me to believe that my problem is with my icon file but I can't figure what it might be.

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    Nov 2003
    very intriguing. I will try to look for an answer in my Nokia 60 book about resource files. The APIs and architectures may differ but the basic principles should be the same I believe.
    Danny Kalev

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