I have created a DHTML application which has a web-page with a Microsoft Datagrid control (msdatgrd.ocx). The Datagrid is regsitered on the client and the web server machines. Its dependent DLLs: msbind.dll, msstdfmt.dll and comcat.dll are all registered on the client and web server machines. The control is dynamically populated on web page form load event to display 2 records as follows:

Private Sub DHTMLPage_Load()
Dim objRS As ADODB.Recordset

Set objRS = New ADODB.Recordset

objRS.Fields.Append "#", adVarWChar, 4
objRS.Fields.Append "Name", adVarWChar, 60



objRS("#").Value = "1"
objRS("Name").Value = "Mary"


objRS("#").Value = "2"
objRS("Name").Value = "Anna"

Set DataGrid1.DataSource = objRS.Clone


Set objRS = Nothing

End Sub

The Datagrid displays fine with data in a client machine development environment where Visual Studio has been installed. But on a clean client machine, with no Visual Studio 6.0, the grid control is not getting loaded. I have full permissions to execute ActiveX controls on the client machine.

I also tried substituting the Datagrid with the MS FlexGrid ActiveX control and the Ms DBGrid ActiveX control. None of these controls work. An ActiveX control such as Ms Calendar control (mscal.ocx) gets loaded and works just fine. But there seems to be a problem with loading and populating grid type controls.

Please note that I am using Visual Studio 6.0 IDE.

Are there any additional components that I need to install to make Microsoft Datagrid or any other grid controls work? Please help!