Hi all,

i have to display a image through an ASP file.

---- html file ---
<img src="image.asp?id=1">
--- image.asp ---
<% if request.querystring("id") = 1 then
response.redirect "/images/the-image.gif"
end if %>

now this works fine as long it is used in a browser window. But the image
source (image.asp?id=1) schould be used by an AD banner network. But the AD
server does not seem to accept this type of "image".

So my only chance seems to be using something like:

<air code>
<% response.ContentType = "image/gif"
set abc = server.createobject("some mysterious object i might have
overlooked that will read binary data")
response.binarywrite abc.gettheimage
</air code>

I also have tried to use a database with BLOB's but that didn't work out

so my problems are:
1) I *do not* have the opportunity to use any third party components only
what ships with IIS and NT 4.0.
2) I have to be able to update the image source online at the webserver
wether ist is database or someting else)
I'm not able to use access or whatever to insert the images into the
database, because of that

That's it.

I hope soemone out there might have an idea.

Thanx in advance.

Greetings Ulrich